"Ferriot's 90 Years of reinvention" is a Plastics News cover story!

Posted by Liz Knapp on Sep 17, 2019 3:05:58 PM

Our 90th anniversary celebrations continue as Ferriot is the featured story on the front page of this week's Plastics News magazine


Here's an excerpt from the article written by Don Loepp, Plastics News editor. 

Akron, Ohio — If you geek out over cool old plastic parts, Ferriot Inc. is worth a visit.

The lobby display cases are packed with parts molded in the past seven decades, but they tell only a fraction of the story. Ferriot's full history could fill a museum.

Remember hobby horses on bouncing springs? Green army men? Early "Star Wars" toys? Ferriot molded — or made the tools for — all of them. 

Ferriot also molded big television cabinets back when TVs were real pieces of furniture, not just oversized computer screens.

"Over the years, I think what's really kept the company in the mainstream and relevant is the fact that it's forced to reinvent itself every so often," Craig Ferriot said in a recent interview at the plant.

"We have continued to be innovative, and take the ideas of the past ownership and build on those, and take the original principles of our founding fathers, which was to develop relationships with customers, and how valuable that is," he said.

He's the president of Ferriot Inc., a family-owned injection molder in Akron. The company is 90 years old, but he's just the third generation of Ferriots in the business.

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