Ferriot  Adds New Press to Custom  Injection  Molding  Fleet

Posted by Liz Knapp on May 27, 2021 10:30:00 AM

New press further increases customer service speed and production capacity 

To help meet the increasing demand of custom injection molded parts in markets from electronics, to industrial and medical industries, Ferriot recently installed another press! Smaller than the Negri Bossi BI-POWER installed by Ferriot in 2018, the newest press in Ferriot’s line is the Negri Bossi s850T-7460 series molding machine.  

As part of Ferriot’s equipment upgrades and plant reorganization, this new 936-ton press was installed in Q3 of 2020. The new acquisition adds capacity with the current 720-ton press still in operation. The new press fills a gap between the 770 ton and 1500-ton presses. Updates in technology allow this press to use less energy but provide more tonnage pressure and tighter tolerances.   

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Resin Crisis Update: What is Going on with Our Country’s Most Popular Polymers

Posted by Liz Lipply on May 12, 2021 2:21:00 PM

Last month, in our article How to Get Your Injection Molded Parts On-Time and Keep Your Production Lines Running,” we addressed the lead times and production concerns around the resin industries and what Ferriot is doing to help our customers weather the storm. We will continue to update you on this evolving issue.  

Plastics processors all over the country are seeing severe resin shortages and staggering price increases. Every indication is that this issue will continue through June.  What caused this? What resins have been impacted? How will this impact the resin market in the coming monthsWhat should OEMs with plastic components in their products be doing now?  

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Why Use Pad Printing to Add Your Brand to Injection Molded Parts?

Posted by Liz Lipply on Mar 16, 2021 12:00:56 PM

When reviewing projects with your injection molder, remember to discuss what value-added or secondary services they provide beyond molding your parts. Consider selecting one company that can handle all of your custom injection molding, painting and decorating needs. Using an injection molder with comprehensive services that include painting and decoration capabilities saves time and lowers your cost.

Two-color pad printing machine 

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New Scanner Adds Color and Clarity to Injection Mold Inspection Data [Plastics Machinery]

Posted by Liz Lipply on Feb 18, 2021 9:00:00 AM

You’ve probably heard that a picture’s worth a thousand words. However, according to George Popov, quality supervisor at Ferriot, a picture’s actually worth a million numbers — at least in the world of custom injection molding part inspection.

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How to Get Your Injection Molded Parts On-Time and Keep Your Production Lines Running

Posted by Liz Lipply on Feb 16, 2021 10:26:49 AM

The reason for injection molding delays is that resins – the materials that your plastic parts are made from – are in short supply. With lead times for resins increasing and their cost going up, it’s only natural that your injection molded parts will face the same challenges.

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Industry Week Reveals Key to Making Your Culture Fit New Technology

Posted by Liz Lipply on Feb 3, 2021 10:15:01 AM

When it comes to new technology, what makes it a success? The platform? The interface? The added features? No, in fact, it’s all about the talented people involved with implementation.

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Ferriot Honored as a 2020 Business Growth Awards Recipient

Posted by Liz Lipply on Jan 5, 2021 12:09:03 PM

The year 2020 has been a tough one, especially for manufacturing. Due largely to the COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturing industry saw a decline of nearly 23 percent in 2020. The simultaneous shock and demand from shutdowns, the financial crisis, and increased workplace regulations have created the perfect storm for what’s likely to be the worst hit to manufacturing we’ve seen in decades.

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Cobots Enable More Efficient Manufacturing in Injection Molding

Posted by Liz Lipply on Oct 19, 2020 2:53:11 PM

If there's one thing that every manufacturer knows, it's the value of a good operator. Operators are champions of production, driving the performance, efficiency, and reliability of your plant processes.

Unfortunately, great operators are often wasted on repetitious manufacturing processes, where most of their time is spent on mundane tasks instead of work that requires more "brainpower" and finesse. On those monotonous tasks, if operators are being forced to act like a machine doing the same thing over and over again, why not get an actual machine to do it?

Ferriot_Cobots_In_Action_FINAL (4)
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Ultrasonic Welding: What Designers Need to Know

Posted by Liz Knapp on Aug 13, 2020 11:51:32 AM

Custom injection molders use ultrasonic welding as a secondary operation when two thermoplastic parts need to be joined together. The bonding of two parts into one may be specified when there is a complex design that is not feasible to mold as one part – so the part design is changed to be manufactured as two or more parts that must be assembled. This is determined early in the Design for Manufacturing phase (DFM) of new product development.
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Importance of TQM to Injection Molding Projects - Part 2 [Interview]

Posted by Liz Lipply on Jun 23, 2020 11:07:52 AM

In Part 1 of our discussion of the importance of TQM to the injection molding process, we introduced George Popov, our Quality Supervisor, and provided you with a behind-the-scenes look at what George and the Ferriot Quality Team are doing to implement and improve TQM on a daily basis.

In Part 2, George and I discuss a new technology acquisition, the AICON smartScan Structured Blue Light Scanner, and how it is helping Ferriot meet and exceed quality goals.


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