Plastic News Features Ferriot’s Latest Injection Molding Press Install

Posted by Liz Knapp on Jan 29, 2018 7:35:10 AM

As we mentioned in our blog last week, Ferriot is in the process of installing a new 2,250-ton Negri Bossi Bi-Power injection molding press. We were very excited to see this announcement featured in Plastic News and are both thrilled and a little humbled by the mention.

Ferriot PN article.png

Ferriot is investing more than $1 million in the new press that will enable us to increase our production capabilities and address the on-time delivery needs of our growing customer base. The full installation will also be documented via Go Pro and the installation progress will be shared on our website.

Craig Ferriot, our company President said, “one of Ferriot’s niches is large, high-pressure structural foam medical and business machine housing that require high cosmetic finishes, which is one of the target markets for this press.”

Ferriot Inc. is honored to be mentioned in Plastic News. We’re excited for all to watch the progress of this installation. This is our first time documenting an installation for all to see.

You can read the full article from Plastic News by clicking here, Ferriot putting more than $1 million into equipment, infrastructure. 

To read our blog detailing the progress updates click here, Progress Updates on New Negri Bossi BIPOWER Injection Molding Press Installation

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