Coronavirus working from home - it’s like a second job!

Posted by Kevin Coleman on Apr 3, 2020 9:15:13 AM

NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio -- So, the boss told you to work from home. Two months ago, it would have seemed like heaven. But now you are in a home office during a pandemic, the dog is barking, the doorbell and the home phone are ringing at the same time. The kids are out of bologna. You have to worry about your health as well as your loved ones and co-workers. Now you are home, but you also have to answer your work phone and emails.

Kevin-Coleman-and-sidekick_EbiSince 1983, I have made my career and fed my family by being that most misunderstood and maligned of professionals – a “salesman.” Except for a seven-year stretch when I worked in an office in Midtown, I have worked from a home office.

During happier times, I used to get a lot of, “What is on TV now?” being asked at 10 a.m. I reply, “Watch out what you wish for. When you work out of your house, you are always at work.” That usually shuts them up.  

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